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Why Group Coach Travel is a Great Way to Get from A to B

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If you are planning a special trip with several of your closest friends and family, travelling together as a large group makes the occasion much more special. Whether you are planning a special day out to celebrate a birthday, headed to a wedding or taking a trip to mark another type of occasion, travelling together with your loved ones is the perfect way to get the trip off to a great start and make sure that it is truly memorable.

One of the great things about travelling as a group by private coach is that you will not have to spend time waiting around for public transportation or worrying whether everyone in the group will make it to the destination on time. You can be sure that the coach will be ready and waiting for you at your designated time and pick up point and there will be plenty of opportunities to stop along the way if you wish.

Of course, travelling together as a group is also much cheaper as you will be able to save money on fuel and transportation costs. Hiring a coach that comes complete with a driver also means that everyone in the group will be able to enjoy the experience to the full without having to worry about who will take on the role of designed driver and who will be responsible for driving. Travelling together as a group also helps to protect the environment as it cuts down on fuel emissions that are caused by several different vehicles all travelling to the same destination.

However, when travelling by private coach you can still create a personalised experience that perfectly meets your needs. Feel free to choose the music that will be played during the trip as well as informing us if you happen to have any special requirements. Here at Newbury Travel, we offer quality coach travel that comes complete with a fully qualified and experienced driver. Simply let us know where you want to go and we will take care of all the details for you, allowing you to arrive at your destination in comfort and style every time.

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